Eldorado Stone and the Hard as Rocks Application System has been appraised by BRANZ:

BRANZ Appraised Application System - Appraisal No. 789 (2012)

Eldorado is classed as a medium weight slip and weighs on average 60kg per square meter on the wall including the fibre cement board and mortar. The weight will vary depending on the thickness of the profile chosen.

Yes, Eldorado Stone has a zero rated combustion level, however you should not use the product inside the fireplace. Use kiln fired bricks if constructing an outside fireplace or fire pit.

All profiles and colour choices come with a pre formed 90 degree corner stone. Corners are measured by the lineal meter and come packaged in separate boxes to flat stones. The area taken up by corners is deducted from your total flat area m2, so that you are not paying twice.

Eldorado stone can be applied to concrete blocks, bricks or an approved sealed BGC fibre cement board. See detail drawings and contacts of approved and recommended suppliers of the required fibre cement board in technical section.

No (except Stacked Stone), in order to create a truly realistic finish and to avoid noticeable panel shaped joints, each stone is individually crafted and coloured to give it its own unique form. The pieces are flat backed to assist with speed and ease of laying but a skilled craftsman is still required to piece together the “puzzle” and ensure a truly realistic and detailed finish.

Eldorado Stone is fixed with a glue based sand/cement mortar mix. Stonetite mortar and Stonetite glue additive is a pre-bagged drymix and liquid additive that has ingredients that offer many solutions including added strength, flexibility, water resistance, a bonding agent and freeze thaw resistance etc. Stonetite liquid is mixed with powdered cement to waterproof the substrate prior to application. This coat also acts as a bonding agent with the mortar mix. The complete Hard as Rocks installation system is the only man made stone veneer to be BRANZ appraised in NZ. Other products try to use tile adhesives tested with laying tiles on horizontal surfaces and have nothing to do with stone veneer, vertical application, thinner fibre cement board or wider framing spacing’s.

Only permanent mineral oxide colours are used. Eldorado stone offers a 50 year limited warranty restricted to manufacturing defects (when used on structures that conform to local building codes and when installed by a licensed applicator). In addition, Eldorado Stone is the only known stone veneer to have conducted extensive UV testing, which is essential under New Zealand’s harsh climate.

Eldorado Stone is manufactured from lightweight aggregates (like pumice and pearlite), Portland cement and mineral oxide pigments.

Eldorado Stone is pre packed into convenient sized cardboard boxes and stacked on wooden pallets. Quantities range from 1.1m2-1.3m2 per box of flats and 3lm - 4.4lineal meters of corners per box. All stone is handled by the licensed applicator. All leftover stone on site remains the property of Hard as Rocks and will be removed at the end of the job.

Although the stone can be used on a water feature, it is not recommended that the stone be installed below the water line and where it may come into contact with any chemicals such as chlorine as this may void the warranty. The substrate needs to be completely watertight prior to stone installation.

Eldorado Stone offers a 15 year Limited Manufacturers Warranty against manufacturing defects when used on structures that conform to local building codes and when installed by a licensed applicator. Warranty coverage specifically excludes damage resulting from wall movement; settlement of the building; contact with chemicals or paint; and discolouration due to contaminates, staining or oxidation. Warranty coverage is limited to replacement or repair of defective materials only and does not cover labour to remove or replace materials. 

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