Why We Install

Hard as Rocks has nationwide franchised distributors and maintains building code compliance and quality control by only using its own licensed applicators who are trained in not only waterproofing and stone application but also in detailing and the little extras that hold true to the eye and guarantee a professional finish.

Hard as Rocks Licensed Applicators will supply you with a Producer Statement to confirm the installation has been done as per consent and building code.

Some Stone veneer companies are more than too happy to sell direct to home owners and builders and tell them that a ‘builder’, landscaper’ or ‘Home handy man’ can install themselves by following their instructions.

Hard as Rocks believes this is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Remember these companies are avoiding any warranties and installation guarantees just trying to get a quick sale. Waterproofing your home and installing stone must be completed by experienced and trained applicators. Who is responsible if your building leaks?? Or stone falls off onto someone??

Builders, Architects and Council authorities need to take note when consenting to which product is used. Who is going to carry the liability if the installation is undertaken by a ‘handyman’ installing a product for the first time???

Builders, Architects and Councils should consider who is going to write a Producer Statement to guarantee the work?

Eldorado Stone has been around since 1969 and is the World biggest selling stone veneer. Architects and home owners world wide specify Eldorado Stone with confidence as the product has truly stood the of time.

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